News to Know

1st Jun 2013

Cameleon MSDS

Cameleon Paints are FDA compliant as well as approved by the EU. They are animal cruelty free and contain no animal products including beeswax link for regular cake make up MSDS http://www.camel …

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24th Aug 2012

Get Your Game Face On

GET YOUR GAME FACE ON! Tallahassee, FL. August 2012— If there’s anything that says fall and Back-to-School in Tallahassee it’s Football! From high school games to college teams Tall …

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21st Mar 2011

La Fete -- A HUGE Success!!

A Huge shout out to all the organizers of the 2011 La Fete convention! Bethanie and Susie and all the gang did such a tremendous job. The FacePaintShop was there flying our flag in full color. We also …

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26th Feb 2011

New TAG colors VS Interfrenze

so we were just asked today by our good friend Alana in California ( what the difference between the new TAG pearls and Krolans Interfrenze was...aside from the price! So have tw …

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10th Feb 2011

Product Safety Testing

As professional face painters we all know how critical it is to only use the industries best cosmetics and cosmetic grade materials in our work. As responsible adults, parents and insured artists the …

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5th Jan 2011

European Products direct to you

  New for 2011. No more waiting on face and body painting supplies from Europe (my goodness they must be on a slow boat!) Here at the Face Paint Shop we have just what you need! A full range of …

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