Illusion Magazine #23

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FUNDRAISER for the Wolfe Family...yes, thats why the price isnt at the normal dollar amount

100% of profits to Dara Wolfe


Everyone. We lost a true visionary on the afternoon of Oct 15, 2013. He was part of our tribe. The following is an excerpt of something I sent to him a month ago and attached is my small way to help his family. Please Read:

Your gentle spirit and guiding energy helped shape what we know of the art form and continues to shape our future. Your art will live on in so many of us as we recreate from one of your books or videos. Your vision of the possible pushes us to see one dimension deeper in body painting.  Your mentoring and concern for our tribe challenges us daily to be better artists, to be better contemporaries, to be better people.


For those things we will never be able to fully thank you, but I can at least let you know what a success your life has been – even if its just from afar.


Transitions *are* hard, but you are surrounded by an entire tribe ready to step in and make sure your family will be OK.  As you continue on your journey a little piece of each of us goes with you. Wherever you go --  we go also. You will never be without us, or we without you.


Illusion Magazine - Issue 23 Autumn 2013

Cover artist Brian Wolfe is one of the pioneers of face painting. Along with his twin brother Nick, they have developed styles and techniques that have transformed the face and body painting industry that we know today. Brian tells his in-depth story exclusively in this issue. This is definitely one to read.

Brierley Thorpe gives you the background story to one stroke face painting and then goes on to give a clear introduction to trying it out for yourself. Then we’ve got interviews with the talented Sophia Leadill-Taylor and Lisa Marie MacKinnon. And we can absolutely promise you that you will have never met anyone quite like Ronnie Mena – his designs cleverly challenge our ideas of how men and women are painted.

The brilliant Jay Bautista shares his best brushstrokes for framing designs while the gorgeously honest Jody Rife shares her secrets for flattering aging eyes and making the best of those laughter lines and wrinkles.

WIth 13 step-by-step designs, product reviews, technical pages and much more, this is 60 pages dedicated to the amazing face and body art industry.