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FaceCandyJenna's Deluxe Starter Bundle

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Exclusively from FaceCandyJenna and The Face Paint Shop!!

This bundle is a slight upgrade from the starter pack! A bigger paint pallet, and extra brushes and tools! The perfect starter bundle to dive in and start practicing!

FaceCandyJenna's Starter Bundle includes choice picks of her favorite colors and brands.


1- 12 primary colors palette

1- Silly Farm Rainbow Cake (will vary from photo) 

2- One-Stroke paint cakes (will vary from photo) 

1- #4 round brush 

1- 1 inch flat one stoke brush 

1- Petal brush

4- sponges 

1- glitter poofer (iridescent fairy dust)

1- TAP Stencil 

Free glitter samples


(brands, colors, and designs may vary, but are all Jenna's recommended brands and color combinations)